Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hickory/Oak Rocking Chairs

More Hickory and Oak Amish Rocking chairs are on the way to Wilderness Creations! This very comfortable rocking chair is carefully crafted in Amish country, using a timeless design. Oak slats are steam bent to ensure a comfortable fit, while bark on Hickory saplings make a strong frame and perfect contrast to the blond colored oak. Our new supplier has allowed us to lower our prices on the Amish style rockers by over $120. We are now able to offer American made Amish rocking chairs for $262 in our Dublin, NH gallery. We can also drop ship these wonderful chairs anywhere in the USA. We've also got 3 styles of matching side tables as well as foot stools and other matching accessories. All of these new items should be in later this week and will go fast! Call 603-563-7010 for more information on Amish furniture, or visit our website at: http://www.rusticfurnituregallery.com/home.php?cat=36
Come to Wilderness Creations for high quality bent twig Amish rockers at a great price!

Blog special: Contact me at Mark@RusticFurnitureGallery.com or through this blog for an extra 10% off Amish rocking chairs (offer good until July 20th, 2010).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vermont Natural Coatings Now Offering Tinted Exterior Finishes.

Vermont Natural Coatings introduces tinted exterior finishes! VNC is adding to it's selection of PolyWhey finishes with three new colors for exterior applications. Of course the clear finish is still available, but now you can also choose from Lakeside Cedar, Acorn Brown, or Autumn Red, if you would like a bit more color for your project. These finishes are very low VOC, with no toxic effects or harsh odors. Safe for people and pets, the exterior wood finish creates a tough barrier against moisture, mold, mildew, and UV rays. It's is the perfect choice for decks, fences, siding, railings, outdoor furniture, and any other exterior wood surface. This is a truly "green" product, made from renewable whey proteins, which are a byproduct of cheese making. The tints are zero VOC and are semi-transparent so that the wood grain can show through, while still adding beautiful color to your wooden surfaces. All exterior finishes are now available in quart sizes, as well as 1 gallon and 5 gallon. Easy application, fast drying, and simple cleanup with soap and water. Visit us at our Gallery to learn more or purchase Vermont Natural Coatings. Located on Route 101 in Dublin, New Hampshire. 603-563-7010 Or visit us online at:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rustic Bathroom Lighting

Quality lighting is often overlooked in the design and decorating of a bathroom, but it makes a huge difference in the overall look of the room. These photos show a vanity light and a ceiling light that share a common pine cone theme. This is a new bathroom in a 100 year old cottage, in Maine. The wood work, stick handles, and the lighting all help to make it fit in with the old rustic charm of the camp. Wilderness Creations has an extensive catalog of lighting to choose from. The lights pictured are made from steel and made here in the USA, by Steel Partners. We have been working with Steel Partners for many years, and the quality is exceptional! You certainly can buy cheap lighting, for any room, from one of the huge chain stores, but in the end that is exactly what it is going to look like, cheap lighting. It is important to keep this component in mind when renovating or building new. It will help tie all of the other hard work together. Wilderness Creations also offers Hickory Lighting, log lighting, antler lighting and more. To see a selection of our rustic lighting for your home, lodge, cabin, or cottage, visit our website at http://www.rusticfurnituregallery.com/home.php?cat=165 or email info@RusticFurnitureGallery.com
Light Rustic!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cutting Wood for Rustic Projects

Here in New England it is the perfect time to cut saplings that you would like to peel the bark from. On many species of tree the bark separates easily from the wood, because there is so much water and sap flowing throughout the trees. Even if you are not sure of a project right now, it is good to stock pile some saplings for future projects. Perhaps you've been thinking of making a rustic chair, plant holder, or even a rustic garden trellis. This is the time of year if you would like to gt the wood smooth, with no bark. If the bark comes off clean then you may not even need or want to sand the item. Just yesterday I cut some small Maple trees to use in future projects and the bark came off quickly and easily. These were trees within a meadow that I needed to cut anyway. You may also have some trees that are growing into your yard and driveway and need to be cleared. Why not recycle that wood into a useful, beautiful rustic piece of furniture? Much of the time you can peel with your bare hands and finger nails, but you could also use a knife of some kind to get the strips started. Another easy project is some simple wood hooks that you can use around the cabin or cottage. Look for interesting spots where branches come from the trunk and check that it is at an angle that will work well. Peel it and you've got a nice natural hook for coats, towels, keys, or whatever. If you can flatten the back a bit with a sander or knife it will sit better against the wall. Pre-drill for screws or nails so that you don't split the wood. Let the wood dry so that there isn't any moisture or shrinking problems later on.
So, if you like the look of the bare wood for your next project then get on out and do some cutting. Peel and set aside to dry, then when you have the time you can get going on a fun rustic building project.
Feel free to contact me with questions or ideas. Have fun!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Magazine Coverage

Wilderness Creations received a nice, half page write up in the magazine Monadnock Living, for it's offerings of truly "green" wood finishes. In particular that we sell Vermont Natural Coatings in our Dublin, NH store. This was a special green building section of the summer issue, and VT Natural Coatings is a great product made from a renewable resource, with low VOC content. We are pleased and grateful that Monadnock Living Magazine pointed us out in this way. We are proud to offer these safe and durable finishes, along with our milk paints, natural oils, and other environmentally safe items. Stop by and visit our store to learn more, or order by phone (603-563-7010) or internet www.ecowoodfinish.com , http://www.rusticfurnituregallery.com/home.php?cat=198
Also, look for our new add in the Green Living journal.