Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco friendly is a term that you hear a lot these days, but it has always been a part of rustic style furniture! It's not used just for marketing and sales, for hundreds of years people have made furniture with the resources that they have had accessible. When rustic and Adirondack style furniture started to be produced for larger markets, as opposed to oneself or one homeowner, it was still made using sustainable resources. For example, furniture that is made from tree saplings. Saplings, such as Hickory, grow very fast and therefore, can be harvested in the same area over and over again. They can also be salvaged from other clearings. Another example is furniture that is made from dead, standing trees. Sometimes it is a natural death, other times it is due to fire or disease, but harvesting these to make way for new growth and cut down on fuel for wildfires is a responsible and beneficial use of the wood. Most rustic furniture makers are very aware of other environmental issues, such as cutting down on waste, reducing electric and fuel use, and utilizing wood waste. Another way that rustic furniture builders are environmentally responsible is by using non (or very low) toxic finishes on their products. This is good for the environment, the people applying them, the people putting them in their homes, as well as pets, children, etc...
Rustic & Adirondack furniture is beautiful, durable, timeless, and eco friendly. Take a look for yourself.