Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Going Rustic in Belize!

Belize is a small, beautiful country in Central America, with Mexico to the North and Guatamala to it's West and South. There are many great resorts with a rustic flare. Thatched roof cabins with hand crafted log furniture are not unusual. We have visited quite a few resorts there and all have had wonderful, friendly staff that help make your stay very comfortable. These small resorts are unique and built so that you can enjoy the surrounding nature to it's fullest. Most resorts in Belize fall within the eco-resort category. I thoroughly enjoy this rustic simplicity, but with all the comforts.

Above is Belizian style single room that is close to the ocean, at the Kanantik Resort, in Stann Creek.
These are beautiful, hardwood, rustic bar stools that sit at the poolside bar.
Contact me if you have any interest in investing in Belize real estate, I know of several great options with amazing development teams. I am not a developer, I just think Belize is a really cool country, and I can pass on what I have learned over the years.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sauna Health Benefits

There are many sauna health benefits, but today I am just going to visit one:

Enhanced Immune System
"As you sit in the hot room your body temperature elevates, simulating an artificial fever that increases white blood cell production. Many users report reduced incidents of colds and flu as a result of an immune system that is stronger due to sauna use".

This year has been an especially bad cold and flu season, it seems like there are just sick people and germs around every corner (because there are). There is still alot of winter left, and plenty of time to set up a new sauna to enjoy, and improve your health.

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