Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Model Log Home Furnishings

The model home is a huge investment and key to your companies success. You know that or you wouldn't bother building one. Make sure that you finish it with the right furnishings and proper touches that will make it look beautiful, but also make it look like a real home. Catch the attention of your visitors and spark their creativity. You want them spending time in your model and dreaming and envisioning what their new log or timber home will look like. Bring in the experts from Wilderness Creations to furnish and accessorise your model home, so that it is reaching it's full potential to sell your new homes and services. We specialize in rustic and Adirondack style furnishings and accessories, and can provide one character piece or furnish an entire home.

Contact the specialists at 603-563-7010

or Mark@RusticFurnitureGallery.com

Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Hickory Furniture Company

View a brief slide show of the Old Hickory factory and rustic Hickory furniture being made.

Old Hickory furniture is of the highest quality, built to last for generations, and proudly made in the USA.

View the Old Hickory catalog at http://www.rusticfurnituregallery.com/home.php?cat=54

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just In! Beautiful Wool Rugs and Pillows.

Wilderness Creations has added a new line of rugs and pillows from Chandler 4 Corners. This Manchester Center Vermont company has hundreds of great designs for rugs, pillows, benches, stools, blankets and more. We are very excited to add these accessories to our huge list of product options. Chandler 4 Corners has the high level of quality that we demand in our products. Designer Laura Megroz has put forth an incredible line that will add warmth and character to any room. Designs include wildlife, outdoor activities, seasonal scenes, coastal themes, pets, boating and more. Hooked rugs come in 2' by 3', 32" round, 2' by 4', 4' by 6', 6' by 9', and 8' long sizes. The wool hooked pillows are 18" square. Come check out this latest edition to our gallery. We've got rugs, pillows and stools in stock, as well as the complete catalog of Chandler 4 Corners, which can be ordered in quickly. For more information call 603-563-7010.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dream- "A strongly desired goal or purpose".
It's not just OK to dream, it is a necessity. There are always people that will make you think twice about sharing an idea, or cut down a "far fetched" thought. Somehow we need to see beyond those people and keep on dreaming. What do you want? What would be fun to do? Where would you like to travel? If you don't pursue an idea then it definitely won't happen, but if you do look into it and think further about it then it has a chance. If it doesn't work out or doesn't end up being fun like you thought, well at least you tried and learned. Next time your "dreaming" will reflect what you've learned. Sometimes getting what you want takes some risk. Risk of being questioned by others, risk of it not working out, financial risk, etc... If it doesn't work out then you make another change and pursue another dream.

NASE Interview

I was recently asked to answer some questions for an upcoming article in Self-Employed Magazine. The magazine is published by NASE (The National Association of Self Employed), which I have been a member of for about 4 years. I thought for this blog that I would post their interview questions and my answers, as a way to give more information about ourselves and our business. The article is scheduled to be published in the March/April 2011 issue.

1. Tell us about Wilderness Creations. What do you do? When did you start your business? And why?
The company is owned and operated by myself and my wife Tasha (Nicholson).
We sell rustic and Adriondack style furnishings and home accessories. Furniture for every room of the house, as well as outside spaces and accessories such as lighting, artwork, antiques, carvings, books and so on. We help customers and clients find unique furniture pieces that will add beauty and character to their home, business or vacation retreat.
Wilderness Creations, LLC. is in it’s 8th year, in it’s current location and form. Before that the business was very small. I built rustic furniture out of our garage workshop at our house for several years before opening the store.
I started the business because I loved the Adirondack/Rustic style. It is what I want in my house and it feels more like a lifestyle than just picking a piece of furniture. It was one of those points in life where I wanted a change and a challenge. I definitely got both of those. I enjoy nature and being in the outdoors, and to me, this style of furniture is very natural and bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors.

2. How do you select the items that you sell on your website and in your gallery? Do you make any of the items yourself? If so, which one is your favorite and why?
We have relationships with many companies and crafts people that supply us with our unique merchandise. We choose items that are well built and that will last. Furnishings that are sturdy, but also beautiful and functional. From there, we try to pick things that we think will be popular and that will sell, but we also pick items that we appreciate and would enjoy ourselves.
I do make furniture myself as well. That is where the business began and that is still a big part of it. I do custom pieces for clients that are looking for something that we can’t find from other suppliers. Or sometimes they just want to know the craftsperson and have furniture that is made locally.
Trying to pick a favorite piece of furniture after more than ten years of building is tough, but I would have to say that it is a coffee table that we still use every day in our home. It is one of the first things that I made when I started learning the trade, in a small town in Colorado, in the late 90’s.

3. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?
We are lucky enough to receive compliments almost on a daily basis. People that get very excited to see the products in our gallery and learn that we are here, with our unique inventory. But one of the best compliments I have ever received I will leave in the words of the customer, in the form that it came to me:
Hi Mark,
Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate what you have done for my daughter, Whitney.
You have made for her something that will last her lifetime, that is so unique and different than the norm. She couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved the barn wood and how you had transformed it into exactly what we had envisioned.
Many thanks for all of your help. Your talent is truly appreciated!

4. You’ve been an NASE member for about four years. Which member benefits have you used and how have they helped your business?
We have been using the health insurance that is associated with NASE for the entire time that we have been members, which has worked out well. It is important that we are protected with quality health insurance. We also have gotten a lot out of the Self Employed magazine. There are many useful articles that help us improve our business. Advice from, and stories on other NASE members are important because we know they are coming from other self employed, hard working people like ourselves.

5. I thought your website was very comprehensive. How does it help your business?
Our website has been very helpful for our business. It helps people find us and learn that there is a business in the area that is selling rustic style furnishings. It also tells them a little about our history and us personally. Potential customers can see a large sampling of what we sell and what we do, complete with pricing, dimensions, and all of the other details. This allows them to be educated before they even walk into the gallery. They can narrow down their interests and present any questions they may have. Of course, reaching more potential customers on the internet is key to our success. Tasha works on the website on a daily basis, adding products, updating information, and boosting our visibility.
6. What’s the most effective way you’ve found to market your business?
Nothing beats having loyal customers that want to share our story with their friends and family. People that come in and think of friends or relatives that would appreciate what we have and what we do.
From there I would say that it is utilizing our high traffic location by putting merchandise outside to show people driving by that we have a great inventory.
Next would be good use of the internet and our web site as marketing tools.

7. What’s your favorite part of being self-employed?
Being able to make decisions and try new ideas without having to answer to any one else. I like the freedom to be creative and work in my own style.

8. What’s the toughest challenge for your business right now?
Right now the biggest challenge is financial, as we slowly come out of the recession. We need to be very careful about what we spend and where we spend it. On the bright side, this has been a good exercise in fiscal management and prioritization. Like any small business there are many ongoing challenges, such as marketing, finding the right customers, and keeping up with the ever changing technologies of computers and the internet.

9. What’s your best work habit? What’s your worst?
My best work habit is being able to creatively solve problems and everyday questions.
My worst work habit is that I don’t always focus on one thing at a time, I tend to work on too many things at once which can cause some projects to stay on "the list" for longer than they should.

10. What’s the greatest reward you get from your work?
I would say there are two main things that are most rewarding. One is helping a customer to find just what they are looking for, for their home. To see a customer happy and excited about their purchase is very rewarding. On the creative side, it is very rewarding to create a unique piece of furniture from some basic wood materials. To design, create, and satisfy a client’s needs is what it is all about.

11. What’s the best business advice you can offer fellow NASE members?
Always be open to new ideas and working to improve your business. I have found running a business to be a process that is constantly changing and being adjusted. Be creative.
12. What do you see as the biggest advantage to being an NASE member?
Although we all have different businesses, it is helpful and comforting to be connected with other small business owners that face similar challenges, every day. We can all understand to some degree what it feels like to start and run a small business, and the ups and downs that come along with that.

13. What do you do to relax and get away from the office?
I like to be outdoors, walking in the woods, or being involved in other activities such as hiking, kayaking, skiing, and snow shoeing. I also like to play music and travel as much as possible.

14. Anything else you’d like for your fellow NASE Members to know about your business?
We believe in the products we sell and we love what we do. We don’t just sell the rustic/Adirondack style but we also live with it. We live in a small rustic log home in a rural part of New Hampshire, surrounded by forests, lakes, and streams.

15. Please give me all of your contact info, including physical business address, mailing address, phone numbers, Web site address, e-mail, etc.
1327 Main Street (Route 101)
Dublin, NH. 03444
PO Box 1024
Dublin, NH. 03444

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Antler Lighting and Furniture

Antler lighting is very beautiful and artistic. It can bring a wonderful natural character to a home or retreat. Some people enter our gallery and immediately are turned off by the antler items that we display. They have this picture of someone hunting and killing a Deer or Moose for the antlers used in the piece. This is NOT how it happens. I don't know of any companies or stores in the US that would stand for this.
The antlers that are used in lighting or other rustic furnishings are naturally shed antlers. Every year Moose, Elk, and Deer shed their antlers naturally. They are shed in the late winter and early spring, and then grow back throughout the summer. They are shed so that the new ones can grow in and the animals can use them to attract females, or fend off other males in mating season (the fall). Each year the antlers grow larger as the animal gets older.
Individuals go out and search for the antlers on the ground. They can then use them for projects or sell them to others who use them for their crafts. Some people find them while out hiking or recreating and others even have trained their dogs to locate the antlers.
So, the animals are not harmed at all during this process. It is very different than an actual head, complete body, or antlers that are mounted with the top of the head. In this case the animal has been hunted and killed and a taxidermist has made the display.
Look carefully at the antlers and if you have any concerns you can ask where the antlers in the lighting or furniture have come from. Antlers are also used in other ways that make great home accessories such as drawer pulls, candle holders, fireplace tools and more.
So, don't be automatically afraid or concern about antler lighting and furnishings. Give them a chance and take a good look. This type of rustic furnishing can be very beautiful and a nice way to show respect and appreciation for these great animals, while bringing in a natural, rustic feel to your cabin, lodge, or retreat.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rustic and Adirondack Furniture for The Lakes Region

Wilderness Creations, LLC. has been serving the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for over seven years. We offer distinctive rustic and Adirondack style furnishings and home accessories. A huge selection of beautiful, hand crafted furnishings for your lake house or retreat are available in our gallery or online. We also offer interior decorating services and custom furniture design. Contact us for help on your next project in the Lakes Region of NH, because we know New Hampshire and we know rustic furniture.
Dublin, NH.