Sunday, May 30, 2010

Safe Wood Finish

Vermont Natural Coatings is the perfect choice for finishing our rustic Cedar furniture! Most of the Cedar furniture is shipped unfinished so that you can choose how you would like it. We recommend Vermont Natural Coatings for both indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. It is a clear PolyWhey finish that is safe and durable. It has very low voc content so there are no harsh fumes or chemicals. It dries quickly and is easy to clean up. Available in formulations for interior/furniture, exterior, and floors. Stop by our gallery in Dublin NH to pick up some of this professional finish, or shop online at or
Feel free to contact us with any questions on our safe wood finishes, or any of our other products.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rustic Hickory Furniture

Amish Rocking chair and oval side table. Made from Hickory and Oak, these pieces are beautiful, durable, and comfortable! These and many other Amish style items have just arrived.
Rustic Hickory upholstered bench with pine cone fabric. This would make a great bench for an entry way, boot room, at the end of a bed, and many other places in the home. This bench is now available at the Wilderness Creations Gallery.

New Items At Wilderness Creations


Summer seems to be here, at least for the moment. Today it is about 90 degrees here in New Hampshire, even warmer than yesterday. The spring and summer also bring new inventory to our Dublin, NH gallery.

Just in we've got some wonderful Amish furniture. Rockers, tables, foot stools, rustic magazine rack, and a beautiful upholstered bench. We are offering Amish rocking chairs at a new lower price of $262. They are finished, assembled and ready to go! The Hickory bench with pinecone fabric is only $383. Please call, email or stop by our gallery for other pricing information. We also just received 2 Amish dining chairs. This is a nice matching set and the chairs are older (pre tested).
We have also just recently brought in more outdoor Cedar furniture, including a settee, children's chairs, a tea set, a glider, and more! Our complete line of Cedar furniture can be ordered online or at the store and usually ships the same week as ordered.

Come on by to see all of our new rustic inventory, we are located on Route 101 in Dublin New Hampshire. Call 603-563-7010 or visit us online at
Enjoy yourselves and we hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amish Style Furniture

The Amish have long been known as great crafts people that take the time to hand build and carefully design furniture. The Amish rocker is a beautiful and functional piece of art. It is incredibly comfortable, even without any kind of cushion, and has a rustic and natural look. There are different woods that can be used on this design but one of the most common is a combination of Hickory and Oak. Hickory saplings are used with the bark left on, giving it a nice dark color. The twigs bend and create a strong support system for the rocker. It almost is hard to understand how it can be so rugged and strong because you are looking at all of these small branches that are bent and curved. For the seat and back, steam bent Oak slats are used. They mold to your body in a way that is very comfortable, even for long periods of time. The Amish rocking chairs are finished with a clear coat finish that gives it protection for years to come. The Amish Hickory rocker is a great addition to any room in your home. Come in and try one out, you'll love it!
Wilderness Creations has a new shipment of rockers, tables, and other Hickory furniture items on the way! Call us at 603-563-7010 for more information, or stop by to see our extensive inventory, including these brand new additions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rustic Summer

The time is here for enjoying the outdoors! Get out to your back yard, porch, patio, water front, fire pit, or other special outdoor spot. We've got a great selection of rustic cedar furniture, at great prices! Cedar will last for decades with proper care, it is resistant to rotting as well as insects. And it is beautiful and comfortable! I am extending our Cedar furniture sale so that you can get this furniture at even lower prices. This sale will end without notice, but right now you can bring a great value to an incredible value, with an extra 25% off. This sale is for Go Rustic Blog readers only. Visit and check out the selection of cedar rustic furniture. Simply enter the coupon code "cedar" at checkout. That's it, new cedar will be on the way! Please read the full descriptions before ordering. This furniture is unfinished and does require basic assembly. Get outside!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rustic Furniture Service

Wilderness Creations will work to locate those hard to find rustic items that you are looking for. With our extensive connections and network of builders and vendors we will search out the pieces for you. We also work with amazing crafts people to have custom rustic furniture and accessories built. From large beds to small wall hangings, we will work with you to get just the right items for your home or retreat. For more information or to set up an appointment call 603-563-7010. Ask about our interior decorating services as well. Located in Dublin, NH.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Environmental Disaster

The huge oil spill in the Gulf waters is just so sad and frustrating. Our country (and the rest of the world) has to move on to better alternatives and reduce this risk in the future. Our water, air, land and quality of life are constantly at risk. It may not be an easy transition but it needs to be done, we should have been trying to get off oil decades ago. This current situation is another reminder, just like so many spills and problems before. At Wilderness Creations we constantly try to reduce our impact on the earth, by trying to conserve electricity and heat. We do our best to work with caring companies that make quality products in a responsible manner. This is an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement, but it is always on our minds. We plan to continue to do our part in making the world a better and healthier place. Hopefully this current spill can be stopped and the damage somehow minimized, and steps will be taken to make sure it does not happen again.