Saturday, March 28, 2009


To have value means that a purchase is worth the money that is paid. It doesn't mean that it is inexpensive or cheap. First you decide if you think you will really enjoy the item and whether it will have importance in your life. If you think that it will add to the quality of your life then you must decide is it worth the price tag. Of course you can never tell how you will feel in the future but you base the decision on how you feel at that time. When a purchase is made of an item that is of the highest quality then it will hold it's value, even if you lose interest in it. That is not the case with cheap items that are used for a while and then you may be unable to resell because of their condition. Is it something that will last and hold up to the use it is intended for? Is it appealing to the eye, and will it be appreciated? In the case of furniture, items can get used and appreciated every single day. How much value does that bring? Take a bed for example, you go to sleep every night in that bed, so isn't it worth having something special that you enjoy? As I mentioned yesterday, good things are seldom the least inexpensive choice. Why? Because typically more effort and better materials go into that item. That is what will make it last longer and work better. So, when determining value, you have to look at all of these factors and decide whether the purchase will have a positive impact on your life. Otherwise, what's the point?

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