Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the workshop

Hello there! Just an update on what's happening in the Wilderness Creations workshop. I've begun work on a rustic plant pedestal stand that has a base from an old burly piece of wood. I am planning to do some twig work on the top and the whole piece will stand about 3' 8" tall.
Also, I am working on a table lamp made from an old weathered 4 by 4. I ran into a step that challenged me and I tried several different solutions but have now figured out how to proceed. Sometimes I just have to set projects aside for a while until the answers come. This was one of those projects that has been on the workbench for quite sometime, so I'm psyched to continue on with it. The lamp has copper and leather along with the gray wood.
I will post some pictures soon of these and other projects going on in the workshop.

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