Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Custom Handles and drawer pulls

Greetings! I just returned from Maine where I installed some stick closet handles and birch cabinet handles, in a new bathroom of an old summer home. Wilderness Creations also provided the lights, towel bars, and mirror for the project. It all came out beautifully and the owners are very pleased with the room. The rustic closet handles are made from small Maple saplings which I peeled, and they have a wonderful natural bend to them. I left them a little longer to give them even more character. The rustic cabinet handles are from small Birch trees and I added a small stick to bring them out from the cabinet door. The stick goes into the handle which was drilled out. This gives space to easily grab the handle. Another project for this home was a fun little croquet table. The customer found an old croquet rack which still had the balls and a wonderful color from decades of use. I added a small pine top with bread board ends and stained it to match the base. I put the original handle back on and it now makes a great table on the porch to serve appetizers and beverages. It's an unusual piece that will get lots of comments from visitors. All of the projects came out well and just enhanced the great character of the property.

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