Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rustic Mexico

Hello and sorry for my lack of postings recently. We just returned from a great trip to Mexico. Yes, it is possible to have a great trip to Mexico. Not every part of the country is horrible or dangerous, in fact we felt very safe in the town of San Miguel De Allende, which is located in the middle of the country at an elevation of 6500 ft. We also didn't get sick or hassled by policia.
The town has beautiful colonial architecture and incredible old cathedrals. There is a rustic component to the building and decorating in Mexico. There is incredible stone work and brick work, as well as creative concrete home built ins. Concrete sinks and counter tops with wonderful old style coloring. Much of the newer construction also uses old beams and timbers as supports and around doors and windows. This makes a new home feel as though it could be hundreds of years old. Many of the furniture pieces are rustic as well, made from old wood that has been weathered and beat up for decades. Mesquite is a common wood to be found as table tops and for other furnishings. This wood is very hard and is resistant to rot and insects. Another great item you will see is the use of old wood doors that have been found in the country side and reused in construction.
San Miguel Mexico is a wonderful place with friendly people and a colorful history. If you get a chance, I recommend a trip down. I think you would appreciate the experience overall, but also enjoy the rustic side of Mexico. Please let me know if you would like to see any of the photos from the trip, I've got some good ones that show some of the homes and these characteristics that I've been writing about.

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