Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amish Style Furniture

The Amish have long been known as great crafts people that take the time to hand build and carefully design furniture. The Amish rocker is a beautiful and functional piece of art. It is incredibly comfortable, even without any kind of cushion, and has a rustic and natural look. There are different woods that can be used on this design but one of the most common is a combination of Hickory and Oak. Hickory saplings are used with the bark left on, giving it a nice dark color. The twigs bend and create a strong support system for the rocker. It almost is hard to understand how it can be so rugged and strong because you are looking at all of these small branches that are bent and curved. For the seat and back, steam bent Oak slats are used. They mold to your body in a way that is very comfortable, even for long periods of time. The Amish rocking chairs are finished with a clear coat finish that gives it protection for years to come. The Amish Hickory rocker is a great addition to any room in your home. Come in and try one out, you'll love it!
Wilderness Creations has a new shipment of rockers, tables, and other Hickory furniture items on the way! Call us at 603-563-7010 for more information, or stop by to see our extensive inventory, including these brand new additions.

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