Thursday, August 19, 2010

In The Workshop

I recently completed this entertainment center. It is made of authentic barn wood and has a compartment for the dvd, receiver, etc... components. The top and bottom boards are thick 2" and the sides are 1", with breadboard ends. I cut a 1" piece off of another piece of barn wood to cover the new cuts in the wood, so that it all appears old. The legs are 4 by 4 and raise it up 6" from the floor. It is a fairly simple appearance and design, but it looks nice and functions well. On top is a 32" flat screen TV. I lightly sanded the rustic barn wood with 220 grit and then finished it with a coat of Vermont Natural Coatings Satin Furniture Finish. This will make splinters less likely, make clean up easier and enhance the overall look.
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