Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes, we have a "real" store.

We believe that we have put together a very nice website. This takes alot of time and financial resources but it just has to be done because that is where most people go to find out about products and services that they are looking for. Customers can search our products, get directions to our location, contact us and so forth. We also have what these days is called a brick and mortar store, an actual physical location. This is where we can visit with people face to face, and really get a feel for their interests and needs. Our visitors and clients love to come in and see what we've got. They take their time and touch the wood, sit in the chairs, and ask questions about the construction. Many people have never been into a store that is filled with beautiful Adirondack and rustic style furniture and accessory pieces. Others have only seen galleries like ours in Lake Placid or Aspen Colorado. They comment on the smell of the wood and the natural shapes that are formed into a functional piece of furniture. These are all things that can't be properly conveyed over the internet. It's a great tool, but you can't get it all through. You can't stimulate all of the senses. That is why we love to have customers and new visitors into the gallery, because we can see their smiles and feel their excitement. We can communicate face to face and hear their stories. They tell us about their new home or the retreat that they are planning to build. This type of interaction just can't be duplicated online. You can't catch a facial expression or appreciate a message through the tone of voice. A physical store location also attracts neighbors and friends and allows you to work with the people from your town or region. That is special.
Of course this type of interaction comes at a cost to us as well. We don't have flexible hours and there is alot of overhead for the space and utilities, but we understand and accept this, because I don't want to have a completely cold and faceless transaction every time. Some days it would be really nice to be home in my bathrobe answering calls, but I just don't think that is the best way to do business. I don't feel that you can give the customer all of the attention that they deserve. I guess I'll always be a bit "old fashion", but we'll stick with our brick and mortar gallery here in Dublin, NH. and continue to build and improve our website so that our customers can research, purchase, and gather information at their leisure. Please let us know how we can make our website or our store even better, we are always open to your ideas. Stop by for a visit if you are in the Monadnock area.


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