Friday, April 1, 2011

Rustic Travel

We were fortunate to be able to travel to Belize recently, and we loved it! If you love the rustic style and living simply then this might be a good destination for you as well. Many of the resorts there are different than other Caribbean destinations. There are many small resorts that offer a private cabanas, but also have there own activities, restaurants, and bars. When I say small I am talking like 8 cabins. Of course there are some larger resorts and there are starting to be more that have taller condo style accommodations. I hope that not too many of these developments take place because it will change the flavor of this special country. The jungle lodges of the San Ignacio and Pine Mountain area are mostly all this type of resort with small cabanas for a couple or for a family. The owners and staff that we came into contact with were very friendly and truly cared about your experience and the service that they provided. There are wonderful activities such as visiting Mayan ruins, hiking, canoeing, cave tubing, swimming, cave exploration, and so on. The photo above was taken in this area at a resort called the Mariposa, and it only had about 7 of these stick sided thatched roof huts. They look primitive from the outside but they are very comfortable and clean. Because there isn't much near by these jungle destinations we would eat right at their dining rooms, which really is nice. Meet other travelers and have a great Belizian meal, just steps from your room. The top photo was taken at a rental house in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye. The interior was done in all custom rustic furniture that made me feel right at home.

Other places we stayed were the Crooked Tree Lodge, the Mystic River Lodge, the Maya Mountain Lodge, Tradewinds Cruise Club, and in the village of Placencia. We visited many other lodges and restaurants so let me know if you are looking for other suggestions of places to visit in Belize. It is a great country to visit but do your homework and speak with others that have been there before. You'll want to have a good plan so that you can enjoy the country to the fullest.

Happy Travels!

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