Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colorado Rustic

I have enjoyed and appreciated rustic furniture for a long time, but I didn't start actually building it until 1998 when I moved to Durango, Colorado. It is a beautiful area with gorgeous natural beauty. What better place to get into rustic furniture building? I found a place located outside of Durango in the town of Mancos that built Aspen furniture, and asked them if I could help and learn. I wasn't too concerned about pay as much as learning the craft. The guys that ran the shop, Dan and Bill, were very patient and very helpful. They were making some wonderful, one of a kind furniture pieces in the Rustic Style workshop. It didn't take long until I was a helpful, contributing part of the crew there. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the Durango/Mancos area too long, so I didn't stay on with Rustic Style past the spring. At that time I headed back to New England where I have lived ever since. I look back fondly on those times and I am thankful for the group at Rustic Style that really got me started in the rustic furniture business.

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