Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sauna Health Benefits

Traditional sauna use has been shown to have multiple benefits for individual health. Of course, always check with your doctor with any specific questions for your personal situation. Here are some of the benefits you may receive from sauna use:
Improved Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure- When using a sauna, blood vessels expand for increased blood flow and improved circulation, and the blood pressure gets lower.
Cardiovascular Workout- Your heart rate rises while in the sauna. This increase burns calories and produces a mild workout for the heart. It is also good for the blood vessels which become more elastic and pliable due to the repeated heating and cooling of the body.
Stimulate the Immune System- Studies have shown that you can reduce the chance of cold and flu by up to 30%. The heat puts the body into a fever like state which is a natural healing process. This stimulates the immune system which increases the production of white blood cells and antibodies.
Respiratory Benefits- Relieve sinus congestion with the use of steam in your sauna.
Remove Toxins and Impurities from the Body- Sauna use creates sweating and high body temperatures which opens up the pores of the skin, helping to reduce the levels of toxins in the body.
Relieved Tension, Stress, and Mental Fatigue- Sauna use relieves stress and relaxes the body and mind. Many problems and illnesses can be made worse by stress.
Burn Calories- Research shows that sauna use can burn as many as 300 calories in a single session. This is due to sweating and increased heart rate.
Maintain Clear and Healthy Skin- The skin is cleansed and dead cells are replaced, keeping the skin healthy. Improve skin elasticity and relax facial tensions. Sweating rinses out bacteria from the skin and sweat ducts.

Sounds pretty good to me! With yet another birthday this week I am now in my mid forties. Not only do the wrinkles seem to grow and spread daily, but the blood tests and doctor visits seem to come with more and more challenges. And then there are the stresses of business and everyday life. I think we all deserve a little escape to take care of ourselves for a bit.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to check with your doctor for your particular needs and to see if a traditional sauna could be beneficial for you.
Source of this information: Almost Heaven Saunas Brochure which sites information published by the North American and Finnish Sauna Societies.


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