Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Small Cabin Storage


For those of us who live in small houses or cabins, it seems that storage is always a challenge. The effort to get rid of things is ongoing, but there still isn't enough space. Here are a couple examples of a project I recently worked on in a small New Hampshire log cabin. The top photo shows a new bathroom closet door with shelves added to the door itself. These shelves will help organize certain items and have them right at the owners finger tips. Copper pipe helps accent and beautify the inner door shelves.
To the right is a new cubby door that allows access to storage in the eves. The cabin is not a full two stories so the roof drops down within the small bedroom. On this door I've added two wrought iron hooks for hats or other garments, as well as a small shelf for socks, clothing, or any other item the owner chooses. This room has four of these access doors, all of which have shelves, hooks, or some other organizing feature. All of the doors in this project called for 1 by 6 tongue and groove pine. One side is v groove and the other is straight, which faces out to match the existing doors in the cabin. I used the non-premium boards for the extra character of the knots, plus it saves on material costs! I used a natural Tung Oil finish, cut with Citrus Solvent, which protects the wood and brings out the knots and grain very nicely.
Be creative when it comes to finding storage options in small houses and cabins, because every little bit helps when it comes to getting your belongings organized.
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