Tuesday, October 22, 2013

VT. Natural Coatings PolyWhey

Wilderness Creations, LLC. supplies Vermont Natural Coatings and cleaners to schools, builders, contractors, and crafts people, and has been doing so for years. Here is what one wood shop teacher in California recently wrote:
"Thanks Mark. Students are finishing up their project and applying the polywhey.  So far I like how well it covers and  how user friendly it is with my students." AJ 
With Polywhey's very low VOC content as well as other attributes such as quick drying, easy clean up, no odor, and superior coverage, it makes the perfect choice for schools and other organizations. The teacher has also used the opportunity to discuss the chemicals that go into many other finishes and the harm they can do to individuals and the environment. If you would like to give Vermont Natural Coatings a try please email Mark@RusticFurnitureGallery.com or call 603-563-7010.

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