Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Another Earth Day is upon us. It is a reminder to celebrate the natural beauty of the Earth, as well as a time to reflect on how we as humans affect the fragile eco systems around us. Is nature just something for us to own and use or should we, with all of our intellect and wisdom, feel responsibility to take care of this gift we have been given? It is tough to resist the sales pitches and to step back and ask if we really need a bigger house, a larger car, and all of the things that are pushed on us. Do we need to be running here and there and driving countless hours? It's all about balance I guess. If we all had a caring and a balance and put thought into conservation then I think we really could make a big difference. In the end it is about us as individuals and the choices we make. Little changes do help. You don't necessarily have to be out protesting a mine or giving speeches at gatherings, you just need to care, and make the little efforts that you feel will help. Voting matters, volunteering matters, giving financially matters, writing to government officials matters, and your daily habits matter. It's easy to get angry and frustrated with the lack of leadership and the corporate mentality, but if we can all find a little more balance and put in a little more effort then we can make a difference. You don't need wealth to recycle or turn off some lights, you just need to care. It's the right thing to do, not just for the Earth but for ourselves as well. Our health depends on clean air and water and less chemicals. Sure, maybe we are so smart that we will come up with ways to turn the global warming problem around, but is that really intelligence to just sit back and hope for innovation? Why not use our common sense and avoid the problems in the first place? Many people make New Year's resolutions, changes in behavior to try and better themselves. Perhaps we should all make Earth Day resolutions to try and take better care of our surroundings. We can't just float along and keep up our old ways, the climate, the storms, the illnesses are all telling us to wise up. So, head to one of your favorite outdoor spots today (and as often as possible) and celebrate, but also acknowledge the fragility of that space, and what it may need to remain natural and beautiful.

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