Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Forever Home"

I recently heard someone use the term "forever home", the last home that they would want to purchase. They have done enough moving and are ready to just settle in and enjoy. There comes a point where you have moved for work, traveled, researched towns, and lived in enough houses to know what will be comfortable, affordable, and maintainable. Perhaps it just comes down to relationships with your family and friends and you don't want to distance yourself from those relationships any more. You've found that "forever home" and you can't stand the excitement of moving in and setting up. So, why would you want to furnish a forever home with cheap, temporary furniture? Do it right, this is your special place where you will spend countless hours. Don't run out to Walmart to buy a desk that will fall apart in a couple years. Don't settle for ugly, beat up furnishings that don't convey warmth and comfort. Furnish your forever home with forever furniture and accessories! You are worth it, you've worked hard and you know what you want. Make it all yours and make it unique and special, so that you can enjoy it everyday.

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