Friday, November 14, 2014

Barn Board Dining Table

Authentic Barn Wood Table Top.

This is a recently completed, custom table top. Made from wonderful, old barn floor boards. I was fortunate to have 3 matching boards from the same structure. They are thick, wide, and loaded with history, such as worn down areas from years of use, wooden peg holes, and paint spills. The widest board is about 15" and together the total width is 40". The length is 7'. I chose to put 2" breadboard ends on to cover the cut ends and give it a nice finished look. I attached them with long screws and then pegged the screw holes to go with the look of the old boards.

The top is finished with 5 coats of Vermont Natural Coatings clear finish (top photo).
The top is going to be attached to an industrial style, pipe base and used as a dining table.
Wilderness Creations Custom Furniture

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