Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go Rustic!

Go Rustic is a term we began using for our business many years ago, because we felt that it said alot. When you "go rustic" you are enjoying the simple things in life and getting back to nature. Appreciate the beauty and functionality of the rustic style of furniture and of living. When you bring rustic into your life, you are taking a deep breath and creating a relaxing environment, one where you can enjoy your time and your family. Let time slow and stop running for a bit so that you can appreciate the truly important things in life. These days, things can get crazy fast. And we all get caught up in it and it gets more and more out of control. With rustic style furnishings you can create a special place where you feel more relaxed and more connected. You don't have to own a second home to add a rustic flare. You can do it in your full time home, and why wouldn't you? That's where you spend a huge amount of your time. Create a rustic room, full of character and warmth, or an outdoor sitting area, or redo the whole feel of the house. Try adding some small accessories or one piece of furniture and see if it makes a difference in your home. Think about it and Go Rustic!

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