Thursday, March 11, 2010


The rustic style allows alot of room for creativity. It can be considered an art form and there isn't really a wrong way to going rustic. Because it is free form, like nature itself, one can really let go and try new and sometimes bazaar things. I'm talking about furniture and accessories and built in items in homes and cabins. It can be overdone, in some peoples opinion, but if you like it than that is really what matters. I'm talking about crazy sticks and branches in your furniture and trimming out a door in bark and things of this nature. And the great thing is that alot of it you can do yourself and it won't cost much. For example, in building a vanity recently I thought of using some nice handles that I had for the cabinets. They would have matched well and looked great, but would they be unique and creative? I didn't think so, so I am creating some handles that are a combination of sticks from my yard and some left over 1/2" copper pipe. Two stick pieces with a small length of pipe in between. This will tie in wonderfully with the exposed copper pipes and the twig work accents. Sometimes it's my 3rd or 4th idea that I go with and that's OK. I also went for a walk and found a twig with a slight curve that I could use as the new handle for the medicine cabinet. I cut it so that there were v's and extra pieces so that it would stand out, even though it is thin and delicate looking. I attached it with small copper nails, again to tie it in with the surrounding components. So let yourself be creative! It is just one of the things that I love about the rustic style. The possibilities are endless and it's alot of fun to come up with little enhancements to your rustic home or getaway. Let me know if you have a project and would like some ideas because I love to think about these things. Go For It, Go Rustic!

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