Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here!

It's a cold rainy day here in New Hampshire but we all know that it won't be long until the ground dries up and the sun feels hot again. We've seen the signs and soon the flowers will be coming up and everything will turn a beautiful shade of green. So now is the time to get ready, so that you can enjoy those warm evenings and make the most of your time off. This is the time to order furniture for your porch, deck, patio and yard. We offer a great line of sturdy Cedar furniture that will hold up in the weather for years to come. We also have options in Teak wood, made responsibly from recycled Teak items, such as buildings, fences and carts. Our furnishings can be picked up here at our store or drop shipped directly to your home or business. Mention this blog and receive 25% off, as a reward for planning early and ordering before the summer rush. This offer is good until April 10th, 2010. We're all looking forward to some great weather, and it's just around the corner! Call 603-563-7010 to order, or check out our website at http://www.rusticfurnituregallery.com/home.php?cat=148 and enter coupon code "cedar" at checkout.

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