Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rustic Furniture...A sustainable Choice

Like any product, it is good to do your homework and see where and how a product was made. Sales people may make you feel like you are a bother, but that's they're problem, it's OK to ask questions. After all you are thinking about spending your hard earned money on something, you want to make sure it is a good investment.
They're are many rustic and Adirondack crafts people and companies out there and all will, of course, do things a bit differently. That is good because it gives the consumer many choices. The rustic furniture industry overall is very caring for the environment and for the quality of their products. Taking time and carefully crafting a durable product is the norm with the rustic style.
Typically, rustic furniture makers use materials that are readily available in their particular area, so the resources usually aren't being trucked all over the country. Twigs and saplings grow back very quickly after they are cut, so materials will be available at the same site in not too many years. Some rustic makers use dead standing trees, which is a perfect resource. The trees are dry and ready for building, and in much of the country these trees are fuel for wild fires which should be removed anyway. Some builders use trees and saplings that have been cut along roadsides or other areas being cleared. So, instead of being wasted they are reformed into a functional furniture item. Other rustic furniture makers may use wood they find on a walk or drift wood along the coast. Of course many are using a combination of these to get their raw materials. Sometimes recycled items and antiques are incorporated into furniture pieces as well.
Rustic and Adirondack styles like to leave materials as close to their natural form as possible, so there is much less energy being used for planing and other alterations of the wood. Plus it makes each piece unique in form.
For all of these reasons, rustic and Adirondack furniture is a perfect, sustainable choice. Great for you and your home and great for the environment!

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