Thursday, November 4, 2010

Antler Lighting and Furniture

Antler lighting is very beautiful and artistic. It can bring a wonderful natural character to a home or retreat. Some people enter our gallery and immediately are turned off by the antler items that we display. They have this picture of someone hunting and killing a Deer or Moose for the antlers used in the piece. This is NOT how it happens. I don't know of any companies or stores in the US that would stand for this.
The antlers that are used in lighting or other rustic furnishings are naturally shed antlers. Every year Moose, Elk, and Deer shed their antlers naturally. They are shed in the late winter and early spring, and then grow back throughout the summer. They are shed so that the new ones can grow in and the animals can use them to attract females, or fend off other males in mating season (the fall). Each year the antlers grow larger as the animal gets older.
Individuals go out and search for the antlers on the ground. They can then use them for projects or sell them to others who use them for their crafts. Some people find them while out hiking or recreating and others even have trained their dogs to locate the antlers.
So, the animals are not harmed at all during this process. It is very different than an actual head, complete body, or antlers that are mounted with the top of the head. In this case the animal has been hunted and killed and a taxidermist has made the display.
Look carefully at the antlers and if you have any concerns you can ask where the antlers in the lighting or furniture have come from. Antlers are also used in other ways that make great home accessories such as drawer pulls, candle holders, fireplace tools and more.
So, don't be automatically afraid or concern about antler lighting and furnishings. Give them a chance and take a good look. This type of rustic furnishing can be very beautiful and a nice way to show respect and appreciation for these great animals, while bringing in a natural, rustic feel to your cabin, lodge, or retreat.

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