Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dream- "A strongly desired goal or purpose".
It's not just OK to dream, it is a necessity. There are always people that will make you think twice about sharing an idea, or cut down a "far fetched" thought. Somehow we need to see beyond those people and keep on dreaming. What do you want? What would be fun to do? Where would you like to travel? If you don't pursue an idea then it definitely won't happen, but if you do look into it and think further about it then it has a chance. If it doesn't work out or doesn't end up being fun like you thought, well at least you tried and learned. Next time your "dreaming" will reflect what you've learned. Sometimes getting what you want takes some risk. Risk of being questioned by others, risk of it not working out, financial risk, etc... If it doesn't work out then you make another change and pursue another dream.

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