Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rustic Office Furniture

Rustic Furniture = More Creativity

Make your workplace a more beautiful, more creative, and more productive space, with high quality furniture. It's easy and quick to run down to your local office supply store for a new desk, but is it going to last, is it going to inspire? No is the answer. Shouldn't you invest in quality? This is where you and others in the business do their work, all day, everyday. You put great thought into your other business investments, such as marketing, advertising, technology and so forth. The furnishings in your workplace also deserve careful consideration. You and your work team should be comfortable and energized. The natural forms of rustic and Adirondack furniture will help the creativity flow. You don't have to spend your day worrying if your desk is going to collapse if you add one more sliver of paper. Handcrafted and made with pride in the USA, this furniture will last. I recently got this message from a friend: "Work gave me a new desk, the press-wood is so permeated with s*#% my head hurts, nose is dry, and eyes are watering. Nasty s#!*." You get the idea. How is that a good idea for work or home? A pressed board, glued, filled with chemicals, made in China, ugly desk. Give it some thought and take some time to choose a nice desk for your workplace. You spend a lot of time there and want to do your best work. And don't forget a good comfortable chair to go with it.
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Many sizes and styles available.

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