Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buy Local

Supporting local businesses has tremendous value. Within a small town or community a business, whether it is large or small, is very important. They hire local people, pay taxes, support local charities, and genuinely care about the community, because it is not only where they work but where they live as well. Raising families, owning homes, using services and so forth. These days, a local business may not need too much support, because they do so much online, but there are many of us who do rely on sales in our physical store location. Of course, value, selection, and quality are all important decisions in a purchase, and you need to get products or services that you desire. If those aren't offered locally then you have to look elsewhere, but I think it is important to look close to home first. Check the phone book, the internet, and perhaps most importantly, ask neighbors and friends. Then you may get first hand information as well. So, when possible, buy local. Even if a product is slightly more expensive, it may come back to you and your community in other ways, while perhaps also making more sense environmentally. Have a great day!

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