Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tough Times

Visitors often ask us how we're doing? Of course, what they mean is how are we holding up in this ongoing recession, as a business. The answer is that we are doing well and we did grow again in 2008. Certainly not as much as I would have hoped but we are lucky to have been in business for almost six years and we have clients that we have developed a strong relationship with. It is always comforting to know you have support in tough times. Like most people, we have cut costs and spending where we can, both as a business and personally. The good news is that when we come out of this challenging economy we will be even better off, because we have had to take a close look at how we run our business. Wilderness Creations plans on getting through this period and being stronger and better than ever. One thing we haven't changed is our commitment to customer service and how we treat those that we work with. We have always, and will always treat our clients with respect and offer them the best service and best value possible. So, in these tough times we wish everyone the best and thank you for your continued support.

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