Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Wilderness Creations will be holding an Earth Day Sale, now through Sunday. We will be offering 10% off plus giving another 10% of the purchase price to the Rainforest Alliance charity. We have chosen this charity this year because of the important work they do to protect the amazing rainforests around the world. Ecosystems that are crucial to our planet. To me, Earth Day is an important reminder to take care of the natural resources that we have been given. There are alot of important causes in the world today, but caring for our planet and working to solve problems like global warming are at the top of the list. We have to change and we have to start living more sustainably, in order to even have a chance to work on the other issues. This sale is a great way to save on wonderful rustic style furniture as well as raise money for a charity. Natural Rustic Furniture can be a great way to bring nature indoors and remind yourself everyday of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We hope to see you soon. Please take some time today to think about what Earth Day means to you and how you can make a change for the good. Drive a little less, turn out some lights, cut down on waste, or just enjoy a nice walk through the woods.

Take care and thank you for your support.

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